Teenage Driving Contract

Teenage Driving Contract

What Is A Parent-Teen Driving Contract?

v Parent‐Teen Driving Agreement I, _______________________________,will drive carefully and cautiously and will be courteous to other drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians at all times. Ipromise that I will obey all the rules of the politedriving.com Size: 1MB.

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Create a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement that puts your rules in writing to clearly set expectations and limits. Work with your teen to outline hazards to avoid and consequences for breaking rules. Keep it on the fridge and update it as your teen gains experience and more driving privileges. Download the Agreement Parent-Teen Driving Agreement.

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What Is a Parent-Teen Driving Contract?

Published: October 23, A Parent-Teen Driving Contract is a written set of expectations that parents have of their teenage drivers. The purpose of a contract with a young driver is to make sure they clearly understand what behaviors are safe behind the wheel and to hold them accountable.

Reviewing and signing a contract teaches teens the rules imposed by the legal system and parents. It explains what the consequences will be for unsafe or unacceptable driving behaviors. Any parent figure who is responsible for a teen—such as parents, stepparents, custodians, or legal guardians—can create a driving contract. Singling out one child to sign an agreement and excluding siblings may cause the contract to seem unfair.

Applying a contract to all teen drivers in a family reinforces its importance and that everyone is responsible for being safe behind the wheel. Parents should print out a blank Parent-Teen Driving Contract for each teen driver and fill it out with the rules, consequences, and rewards that may be appropriate. And if you have a teen driver who refuses to participate in the contract, parents may have to say that it will be implemented even without their cooperation.

You may also set a date when the Parent-Teen Driving Contract may be revised. Again, be sure to consult with other parental figures to make sure that everyone agrees on what constitutes unacceptable driving behavior and the punishment for violating the contract. Save and Print the DriversEd.

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