The Ultimate Driving Machine Slogan

The Ultimate Driving Machine Slogan

An Automaker Promotes Its Tagline To Its Slogan

The “Ultimate Driving Machine” slogan returns replacing the highly-controversial “Joy” ads that ran for the past two years. BMW’s new ad Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Reviews: 9.

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But at that point, the company was still a long way away from a brand claim and wordmark. In the s, its advertising experts created individual campaign slogans that highlighted the key characteristics of its various model series. BMW fahren Anspruchsvolle. The sophisticated drive a BMW. But there was still no push to create a brand-defining slogan.

A claim spanning the brand as a whole, however, was missing. Sporty, reliable, emotive — these were qualities that had stood for BMW products from the very beginning, and which were now to be the focus of product communication for the new mid-size models.

Before this, many freely translated variations of the car slogan had been used. Content, imagery and the modified BMW logo remain essential elements of the brand image. But today, the use of the slogan is optional. Joy is universal. It is a human emotion that binds us all together. So I think it will remain just as relevant in the future as it is now.

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