Tiger Driving School

Tiger Driving School

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Tiger Driving School was founded by Dale Nennig, recently retired as school counselor at Howards Grove Hign School. Locally owned and operated since , Tiger Driving School has provided classroom and behind the wheel drivers education for nearly 1, students in the Howards Grove School District.

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Tiger Driving School offers the OKDPS Road Test, (Oklahoma Dept. of Public Safety) The road test is for our students and the general public who maintain a valid Oklahoma Learner Permit. Permit holders must meet state requirements for us to test them. For students who have completed drivers ed: They must be 16 years old.

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Tiger Driving School offers a State Certified Driver’s Education Course: Ten (10) hours of classroom instruction – Done in 2 sessions. Six (6) hours of driving instruction – Done in (3) 2-hour driving sessions. Driving lessons are done one-on-one with a certified driving instructor. We valet within our general service area.

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Tiger Driving School is located in Howards Grove, WI. State requirements and program information for online drivers education and behind the wheel hours. Tiger Driving School is located in Howards Grove, politedriving.com: [email protected]

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