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This forum is for discussion of various other roadside business / attractions, such as curio shops, trading museums, amusement parks, landmarks, parks & recreation, natural wonders, etc. recommendations only, please no commercial advertising.

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Ultimate Driving (series)

Re-shaded and re-imported the Rennen Spider. Adjustments to giving the Cheggered Flag to mobile users. Removed race fuel from wheel spin rewards Street races now give out trophy road rewards. Previously they mistakenly only gave out the trophy road points without checking for rewards, which is what was causing people to miss out on rewards. Fixed pro races not giving out points after earning the first vehicle.

Police officers no longer receive bounty when a player submits to a fine. The geographic latitude got set to something ridiculous while taking screenshots. Another weekend event??? What for you may ask??? Data was getting embedded in an extra table on single player save which was confusing the database.

Changed events. This also removed a brief window of time where changes to stats may not necessarily register as changes. Joining a team from the intro menu spawns you in the correct place now. This let me adjust the process to prevent vehicles from spazzing out when a player with a scaled avatar tries to sit down. This did not completely fix vehicle flinging, but it is a step in the right direction. Fixed anti-scambot measures failing to disengage, this was what was keeping people from chatting Fixed leaderboard bug that caused severe FPS stuttering every time it updated in a busy server Fixed Mantis Carolina passenger seat position VERSION 4.

Street races also give out trophies as well as weekly points, so you can street race your friends and earn progress toward those new cars on the Trophy Road! Key changes include: Lengthening the trophy road to two weeks and adding a second, mid-tier car to the middle of the trophy road.

We will be refunding people for surplus fuel in gems! In the event that our webhost experiences another heart attack, these changes should lock Robux purchases down to prevent people from buying stuff while the webhost is choking.

80 Types of Ultimate Driving Players (Roblox)

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