Undertaking Driving

Undertaking Driving

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Rules for overtaking safely. Since we drive on the left in the UK, you should always overtake on the right (we’ll come back to undertaking—overtaking on the left—a little later). Rules and of the Highway Code explain how to go about overtaking safely. As with elements of driving, the key is in the politedriving.comted Reading Time: 9 mins.

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undertaking: [noun] the act of one who undertakes or in a project or business. the business of an undertaker.

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The contents of the Undertaking driving page were merged into Overtaking on and it now redirects there. For the contribution history and old versions of the merged article please see its history. Too many generalisations and lack of specific content. I would also like to reduce the prominence of the word ‘undertaking’: of the six references in the article, only one actually uses this word, and that one is written in a chatty style. I’m not saying it should be removed entirely – the londonskaters.

Undertaking in innercity traffic is only legal if the undertaking vehicle has a gross vehicle weight rating of up to kg and the lanes of the undertaken and undertaking vehicle are seperated by a line which is very common , but attempting to undertake a vehicle in the process of overtaking you is never legal.

Also, many different exceptions do not only exist for inner-city traffic and autobahns, there are also exceptions for streets which are not in cities and are not autobahns. This means that there are exceptions for every kind of street in Germany, altough some are rather uncommon. I hence suggest to change the sentence to "Undertaking is specifically prohibited, though some exceptions exist.

I will abstain from improving the article by myself, as I lack the required skills in the English language and I couldn’t find any reliable English sources for the many different exceptions of overtaking on the right in Germany.

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